As all you loyal Whartonites know, Fundraising is an all-year activity.  I am sure you are thinking, "where does the money go?" Well, to give you an idea of the activities that are supported by your donations, please view the attached calendar.  And this list will change regularly as more events and palestras, etc. are added during the calendar year.  So make sure you regularly check the club site, LinkedIn, or Facebook

So if you are in the giving mood, please note the following information:


Huntsman Hall --> R$5000

Locust Walk --> R$2500

Steinberg-Dietrich Hall --> R$1000

Vance Hall --> R$300


Click Here to contribute, or deposit directly with the information below.

Account Information

Wharton Clube do Brasil

CNPJ: 05.898.466/0001-70

Banco: Itau (341)

Agencia: 3100

Conta: 03501-7

And here are the events to put in your calendar, especially October 25th, our end-of-year blowout and flagship event.  Will remind you of Whalasa :-) 

Ed Note: excuse the English, but you all may need the practice.